Discharge of a Rotting Mind (Updates) – Changes & Other Things


Hello all, I hope you’re well.

In today’s post, I’ll be addressing, primarily the blog, my personal situation and announcing a timeframe set for Mr. Fatal’s Greatest Hits. 

You may have noticed that I made a slight change to the update title. This was to match the picture. I have no shame in this confession.

I won’t pad too much on this post so let’s just jump right into it.

New Stuff, Coming Soon!

  • Character Analysis: This will be experimental for this blog. I want to dissect fictional characters and see what makes them tick and why we are so drawn to them. This is something I do on my YouTube channel as well so I’ll be fluctuating this type of content between the two
  • Short Story Analysis: Same deal with fictional characters, I want to see what draws us to various short stories and/or talk about some of the meanings behind them and so forth
  • Poetry: If you’ve followed me from my various social media platforms, you’ll know that I have a poetry book published. A little odd considering all of my other work is horror. Anyway, I still write poems when I can’t really think of anything for my fiction or if I have a certain line in my head that I really like. I would like to share some of these poems with you guys, to have even more content for the blog.

Blog Stories

I’ve got some really loopy stuff in mind for stories that will be coming down the road. What will you be getting? Well, I’ve been watching a lot of B-horror movies and would like to start experimenting with this story type in writing. I believe the intellectuals call it ‘bizarro’ fiction.

I’ll be honest, I have no stories finished at this time, but am working on one right now that is a real treat for the nostalgic kind from the 80’s and 90’s.


I currently have a handful of novel reviews written up and have been doctoring them. In all honesty, novel reviews are much more difficult than film or video game reviews because there is just so much ground to cover with them. I know I said I would try and review every book that I have read in the month of June, but that’s proving to be a bit more than what I had bargained for. I plan to publish at least four more novel reviews before my read-a-thon ends and I’ve got some pretty good stories to talk about here.

Next, are film reviews. I did have a few written but haven’t had the chance to edit them, considering I’ve been focusing on the novel reviews. However, I will be posting a few more somewhere down the road in the near future. So, if you enjoy my film reviews more, fear not.

Video game reviews, on the other hand, will no longer be posted on this blog. I have a second blog dedicated to gaming. Reviews, collecting, news, highlights, and collaborations related to the gaming community will be going here. The blog’s name is Game Quest and my goal is to fuse one of my favorite hobbies with my passion for writing to talk about things that would otherwise be out of place on this blog. I won’t be focusing as much on the horror genre and the community; I also won’t talk about my writing on Game Quest as much as this blog. So, if you enjoyed the video game reviews I have published on this blog or if you like gaming as a whole, I urge you to go follow Game Quest at: gamequesting.wordpress.com . Oh, and if you have a strong passion for gaming like I do and would love to collaborate with a group of like-minded people, please let me know, I’m currently looking for a bunch of contributors to help out with that blog.

Mr. Fatal’s Greatest Hits

Got a few more image teasers ready to go to share all over my social media. The manuscript’s first half is going through its second phase of editing right now, which is pretty cool.

I would really like to share one more story before the novel is released, but I’ll have to decide which one that will be.

Anyway, Mr. Fatal’s Greatest Hits will probably be released in fall of this year or, at the very latest, early 2020.

Personal Life

Time to get personal here and my apologies for doing so.

I recently started a new job that involves working overnights. I’ve been spending the past week and a half trying to change my sleeping schedule. I haven’t had to work for a few months now, considering my writing had sustained me. Unfortunately, I must return to having a day– night– job and adjusting my body to the new schedule has taken a lot out on me. On top of that, I’ve got a lot of family stuff going on and a vacation coming up pretty soon. Why am I telling you this, humble reader? Because the content on my blog will not be as regular as I’d like it to be. This is only temporary, mainly until my body can adjust to the new schedule. No, I’m certainly not going hungry or about to be homeless, I’ve just made bigger financial commitments than what my writing income can handle; commitments that are going to better the lives of my future family and my own.

I won’t go on much longer. My apologies if it sounded like I was venting, especially since I stated that I didn’t want to do that with this blog. Don’t worry, personal life updates will be very far and few between, they will not become a regular thing on this blog.


Well, that’s all for today’s update post. Got a lot of great stuff coming to you guys soon and we’re on the verge of getting a massive overhaul on this blog!

As always, thank you guys for reading this blog and supporting me in the ways that you do. You guys are frikin’ awesome.

See you guys again soon.


The Damnation Game by Clive Barker – Novel Review



Clive Barker is one of the biggest influences on my writing. He has the ability to paint grim, grisly tales in such a profound, beautiful way that I can’t help but be in awe when I read his practically poetic prose.

In Barker’s The Damnation Game, we see bits and pieces of every spectrum of his work wrapped into one tightly woven thriller story.

The Review

The Damnation Game bleeds profusely with darkness and morbid imagination. Throughout the book, Clive Barker impressively presents a smooth action curve (if even a little) to transition us from one scenario to the next. The structure of the novel holds up very well as well.

Barker immerses us into this book with fantastic, poetic imagery and brings to the table an original and refreshing way of telling a horror story.

The horror lies behind a multitude of dimensions and storytelling. He’s always presented horror in a beautiful, symbolic way. The Damnation Game contained many twisted images of the macabre, such is the way of Clive Barker. The symbols are what makes this story a horror tale,

The Damnation Game was my introduction into the world of Clive Barker and I now realize why he has received such praise and adoration from readers.

The novel has strong characters in the last European, Anthony Breer the Razor-Eater and of course the ex-con Marty Strauss.
Not excessively wordy, but it is a bit long, still I was into it the whole time. The characters sympathetic when they should be,cringe-worthy when they are evil, and immensely human when they are sincere.

The premise of the story is interesting enough and of course inspired by the infamous German tale of Faust (an unsatisfied scholar makes a deal with the devil for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasure, all he has to give up is his soul). A beautifully written, blood-filled ride. Clive Barker is at once restrained and deadly with words; he is excellent at writing clean, beautiful language for creating images that are not easily forgotten.

It’s dark, intense and most unrelenting in its steady climb of supernatural horror. Barker builds his story and characters layer by layer. It’s properly nasty, grim, and dark.

An all too common theme I’ve come across regarding one’s opinion on this novel is that the book tries too hard to be something that it just isn’t. I can certainly see where these opinions derive from; yes, the novel drags itself out way too much for comfort. However, just when the novel starts to grow a bit stale, you are immediately tied back in with a brief, morbid image or a conflict and reminds you just how great this book is. Still, this book would have made an equally wonderful novella or even a smaller novel.

The Verdict

An all too common theme I’ve come across regarding one’s opinion on this novel, is that the book tries too hard to be something that it just isn’t. I can certainly see where these opinions derive from; yes, the novel drags itself out way too much for comfort. However, just when the novel starts to grow a bit stale, you are immediately tied back in with a brief, morbid image or a conflict and reminds you just how great this book is. Still, this book would have made an equally wonderful novella or even a smaller novel.

30 Days of Night: Fear of the Dark by Tim Lebbon – Novel Review



Hello all, I can finally publish the first review of the reading marathon and today I’ll be reviewing Tim Lebbon’s 30 Days of Night: Fear of the Dark just as the title of this post suggests.

For those of you unfamiliar, 30 Days of Night is an expanded universe of vicious vampires sprawled out across various mediums, ranging from films to graphic novels, to actual novels.

I’ve always been a big fan of the franchise since 30 Days of Night made vampires actually scary again. I’ve read all of the books up to Fear of the Dark, seen the movie a ton of times, and have a pretty sizeable collection of memorabilia. Anyway, on with the review!

Plot Summary

Marty Volk has a guardian angel. Who would that guardian angel be you might ask? His once believed to be, deceased sister Rose. When his sister vanished, he was twelve years old and for five years since then, she has protected him from all sorts of danger, sticking to the shadows until one night when one of her own kind tries to attack Marty. This is when she makes herself known, and, obviously, Marty tries to tell his family that he’s seen his sister and this, of course, does not make them happy. Anyway, Rose has been with a group of vampires that had taken her in and helped her cope with her new… ‘condition’. Following this attack, there is a constant back and forth with Rose’s primal desires and her desires to keep her brother and family safe. Meanwhile, Rose’ posse constantly desires her attention and tries to convince her to let her family be killed by hostile vampires.

The Review

So, let me start this off by saying that this is probably my least favorite 30 Days of Night novel, and also my least favorite Tim Lebbon novel. This does not mean it is an awful story, however. I just know that the series is capable of so much more and that Tim Lebbon is too.

The novel started off strong, lots of great detail, character development, and so on. The novel lost me about halfway through, however. It just felt like it was dragging on.

At the start of the novel, Lebbon utilized some really powerful imagery and emotion that hooked me immediately. He left me excited for what was to come too and he had me there for, well, the whole novel. Every time I’d complete a chapter, I’d expect something monumental to happen. Once I finished the book, I was still left wanting and that didn’t feel very good to me.

Tim did, however, really nail the vampires of 30 Days of Night making all of them, except Rose, animals just trying to survive. With Rose, he had her constantly battling with her primal urges and the love for her family, but that’s all she really was– a constant conflict and that’s good, to an extent. With this story, I really wanted her to find that peace but she never got it.

Speaking of vampires, I want to talk about Rose’s clique. Mainly their leader Francesco. It would be fair to assume that they are more of an antagonist than the vampires trying to kill Rose’s family. Sure, they want to kill bad vampires & people, but when they’re alone they’re constantly downplaying and diminishing Rose’s abilities and emotions. It’s odd because these guys are supposed to be the ones keeping her from going feral, right?

Now let’s talk about Marty. I genuinely dislike him. This is a problem because he is the main character of the story. His sections were a chore to lug through. The buildup was stale and he felt like the cliche ‘troubled’ kid in any movie ever. I just did not like him, plain and simple.

Lebbon did a fairly good job with portraying Rose and Marty’s parents’ constant grief for their daughter and struggle with their defiant son. They’re primarily just obstacles for Marty, however, often feeling like extra padding to hit the word count to justify a novel.

Now that we’ve got all of the noteworthy characters out of the way, I want to talk about Lebbon’s writing style in Fear of the Dark.

As with any novels written by Tim, he has a profound way of describing emotions and details that you can’t help but enjoy his prose. The opening of the novel has some of my favorite character descriptions and world-building in the entire 30 Days of Night series. Once I hit the middle of the novel, however, it felt like Lebbon got bored with the concept and really just wanted to rush to the end. While the ending was solid, it still left so much to be desired.


I still remain a massive fan of the series, but I don’t think I’ll be revisiting this novel again. I see why this one was incredibly hard to find compared to the rest of Lebbon’s work, it just doesn’t carry the same passion that his other novels had.

To summarize, the novel just feels empty.

Rose was a fantastic character, however and when the story got good, it got really good, but there was just too much ‘nothing’ for me to pick this book up again.


The Inspiration Behind the Character Jack aka “Mr. Fatal”


Hello all, good to see you again.

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about one of my most infamous characters, Jack Beaumont aka “Mr. Fatal”. For those of you who haven’t read Born Again yet Mr. Fatal is an evil, sadistic director of pornography and snuff films. He gave our hero James a pretty rough time and has a history of doing some incredibly awful things to many other people, simply for financial gain. His ‘films’ range from murder, to rape and even to pedophilia; he sells each of his movies for incredibly high prices to anyone willing to pay for them. The sad part is that business is booming for him. He uses his status as a porn director and former Hollywood director to justify his immense wealth generated from the snuff industry. He has no regard for anyone other than himself, even going as far as to bury his own son in his backyard underneath the flowers. All he cares about is power and wealth and putting on a great show for his consumers.

So that’s the basics of his personality, he’s a pretty seedy individual, to say the least. I’m not here to give a brief biography, however. I’m here to talk about what inspired me to create this nasty human being.

Literary Frustration

Let’s cover the biggest, and perhaps, the most egotistical inspiration for this character.

At the time of writing Born Again I was extremely frustrated with the lack of responses I was getting from my previous work. I wanted the same reactions I got for Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me and I just didn’t get it. Sales were slowing down, reader base was dropping and I didn’t know what to do. I figured I would try and rebrand myself and focus more on the extreme aspects of my writing. Thus I was given the idea of a man who had it all and then lost it all, only to sink in an evil pit of sorts. Mr. Fatal started out as an author, but I couldn’t think of anything to revolve around this fact. Eventually, I settled with a washed-up director who became so self-obsessed and frustrated with the world that rejected his Hollywood films. He became greedy and violent and BAM Jack Beaumont was created.

So, in a way, Jack is the rendition of my frustration for a world that just refused to pick up my books. It was childish, yes, but it created one of my favorite characters in my little universe.

Michael Bay

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Michael Bay has become a kind of meme in the film community with his over-the-top explosives and action sequences, the way he portrays military and the fact he’s always got to have an attractive girl that he can exploit in his movies. Still, he is much wealthier than me and is almost a household name at this point. People still see his movies and buy them and he’s given massive budgets for his films.

So Mr. Fatal is, basically, like a ‘what if’ scenario for Michael Bay. If society stopped seeing his movies altogether, what would Michael Bay do? Probably porn with fancy editing and an attractive porn star that is saved from the giant robot dong. Would he do snuff? Probably not, but porn is certainly something I’d see him doing.

The Bully of the Playground

“It’s my way or the highway” mentality.

Do you remember when you were a kid playing with your friends? Maybe you were playing cops and robbers or tag. Perhaps you’ve had that one kid in your group who always has to make up rules to benefit them? That’s fine. That’s a kid thing to do. Now let’s say this same kid is also the playground bully who doesn’t let other kids come slide down the slide closest to him, simply because that slide is the biggest on the playground. That’s how I see Jack. He’ll start off with a simple set of rules, then add more on as the film progresses. James, the protagonist of Born Again, was given a fairly simple set of rules when he was cast as Jack’s leading man, reach point B from point A, killing anyone in his path. As time went on, however, Jack began adding on more and more rules, eventually making it almost impossible for James to succeed. Oh, and the slide in this scenario? Is the wife and daughter of our unlucky protagonist.

While the playground is actually a city, Jack certainly resembles an elementary bully in the most extreme sense.


I created Mr. Fatal as a villain with the sole intention to shock and disgust. I want readers to question what could make a man so brutal? Funny thing is, pride and greed can drive a man to the most extreme version of himself and, in my opinion, Mr. Fatal has peaked in that sense.

He’s the symbol of human brutality and greed and that was my intended purpose for him. He is currently my favorite villain I have written, simply because he is so different than the rest of my characters (as he should be).

Hopefully, this post gives you guys a little more insight into the character. He’ll be undergoing even more development that you guys will see when Mr. Fatal’s Greatest Hits is released in the near future.

Before I go, I wanted to thank you guys and welcome some of the new followers on this blog. I hope you all find some enjoyment here.

I’ll be having more posts released in the coming days.

If you want to hear more from me, be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Hey, if you’d wish, you could also pay a visit to my Facebook page and give a like.

Anyway, thanks to everyone, it’s awesome having such a strong fan base. Seriously, I can’t say it enough.

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The Man in my Basement

“What day is it?” he asks.

I say nothing. I can’t remember. I slide his food underneath the door. A cockroach, yellow like the end of a cigarette, crawls out from his room. I walk away and return to the kitchen to fix myself a bologna sandwich. I feed him better than I feed myself.

On the counter, I see a bottle of pain meds. Maybe that would be good? No, it’ll probably be too painful.

I go to my living room and look at the front door. It’ll be hard, but it’s possible. I sit down at my computer desk as a rat races past my foot. No problem.

I turn on my computer and try to message my friends. Nobody answers. I try to message my mother, but I forgot she died last month. Then I message the whore that I use to fuck every other day, she responds by sending me a picture of her naked body.

I relieve my freshly grown erection, then stand up and return to the kitchen. I retrieve the set of keys from the drawer and return to my bedroom. I open up my closet door and peek inside at the noose hanging from the ceiling. Should be strong enough and the most painless way.

I leave my room and return to the basement door. I slide the keys underneath to the man I’ve kept in my basement. He doesn’t have the answers I’ve sought for so long. His music was all fake. He doesn’t know what it’s like being someone like me. He can consider this his birthday present.

I return to my bedroom closet and perch myself on the chair in there. I slip the noose around my head and kick the chair underneath me. It’s no problem. It’ll only hurt for a second.

Discharge From a Rotting Mind (Updates) – Mr. Fatal’s Greatest Hits and Future Work


Hello all.

I’m back with another update.

I’m not going to be numbering these anymore, considering it makes the posts feel like a series rather than actual updates. I’ve also finally created an image dedicated to these posts. Go me!

My apologies, it’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to update my blog. May is my busiest time of the year with numerous birthdays and gatherings and such, I have hardly any time to think, let alone write. However, now we’re reaching the middle of June and things have finally started to clear up, so I figured I’d let you guys know about Mr. Fatal’s Greatest Hits and works that will be coming afterward.

Mr. Fatal’s Greatest Hits:

So let’s kick this post off with my biggest release of the year.

I’ve got two more stories to write for the sequel to Born Again then I’ll be sending the remaining stories off to my editor. Once I get their first pass back, I’ll let you guys know. After that, I’ll be sending the entire book back to the editor where they will format it and fix anything they might have missed. Once that’s done, I’ll have a release date in mind for you guys. I will also be posting another sneak preview on this blog once I send the entire book back.

I’m thinking we’re going to see a fall release and December at the very latest.

Future Works

I am currently working between two different novels. One of which is a vampire novel (I know, I never thought I would either) and the other is going to be a slasher-movie inspired novel. One of these will be released around the same time as Mr. Fatal’s Greatest Hits. Whatever I choose to release will be relatively short and cheap, a kind of love letter for the lack of releases this year.


I’ll be doing away with the video game reviews for a little while, I have them planned for something else I have in mind. So reviews will be dedicated to books and movies during this time. Which, speaking of books and movies, I have one novel review written up. I’m just patching up a few mistakes before I post it.

Oh, and, for those of you who remember, I mentioned something about June being a month dedicated to reading and that’s true…. starting now. As I mentioned earlier, life has just calmed down and I can get back on schedule with my other projects. So, from today until the tenth of next month, I’ll be reading a reviewing as many novels as I can safely handle.

I also have two more stories written up for the blog, one of which will be published tomorrow.


Today’s post was relatively short, but that’s alright. I talked about the things I’m working on right now and giving an explanation as to why there was such a lack of content last month.

So, until next time, I’ll see you all later.

Take care, everyone!

The Cell

pink sphere splashed by green liquid
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I was a forgotten cell, left to rot in the body of my host.

I’m so hungry.

To thrive is to eat. I must consume my host.

What kind of God would give you shape and then take it away?

Fuck you.

I have never desired anything other than existence.

Let me be known.

Rot in my shadow.